Agadir: Bd. Hassan II & Agadir Airport (Agadir - Al Massira)

Agadir has a population of around 500 000. The mild winter climate (January average midday temperature 20°c/68°F) and good beaches have made it a major “winter sun” destination for Northern Europeans.

Agadir is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean.

Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port, the first sardine port in the word, (exporting cobalt, manganese, zinc and citrus). It is also a seaside resort with a long sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European-style cafés, Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco, but it is a modern, busy and dynamic town.

Agadir is famous for its sea food and agriculture

Marrakech: Marrakech Airport (Marrakech - Menara)

Marrakesh or Marrakech, Known as the “ Red City” , is an important city in Morocco. It has a population of around 1 000 000 and is the capital of the mid-south western economic region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Marrakesh city has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco and also has one of the busiest squares in Africa and the word, Djemaa el Fna. The square bustles with acrobats, story-tellers, water sellers, dancers, and musicians, as well as drug lords by day; by night, the square turns into food stalls, becoming a huge open-air restaurant with busy life. Like many North African and Middle Eastern cities, Marrakech comprises both an old fortified city (the medina) and an adjacent modern city (called Gueliz).

Marrakech is the third largest city in morocco after Casablanca and Rabat.

Casablanca: Casablanca Airport (Casablanca - Mohammed V)

Casablanca is a city western Morocco, located on the Atlantic ocean. It is the capital of the Greater Casablanca region.

With a population of around 3 million, Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city as well as its chief port. It’s also the biggest city in the Maghreb and the sixth biggest city in the entire continent of Africa. Casablanca is considered the economic capital of Morocco because it is the heart of Morocco business; the political capital is Rabat. It is also the primary naval base for the Royal Moroccan Navy.

The city is now developing a tourism industry. Casablanca has become the economic and business capital of Morocco, while Rabat is the political capital.

The Old Medina( the part of town pre-dating the French protectorate) attracts fewer tourists than the medina of other Morocco towns, such as Fes and Marrakech. However, it has undergone some restoration inrecent years. Included in this project have been the western walls of the medina, its skala, or bastion, and its colonial-period clock tower.

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